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About Us

Steve Mazon and Gayle McKay have been sewing and quilting for many years. Steve's machine quilting business meshes well with their simple lifestyle in rural Pennsylvania.

Steve started Mazon's Quilting in 2001 with one Gammill longarm machine. He added a 2nd Gammill in 2006. In 2007 he expanded the work space by adding a new studio to their home.

Steve does some farming and raises a small herd of herefords. He likes tractors almost as much as he enjoys machine quilting.

Gayle enjoys traditional quilt piecing and creating art quilts. She also does lectures and trunk shows for groups interested in quilting; and teaches traditional piecing, art quilting and longarm quilting.

Steve and Gayle enjoy the wonderful quilters they meet while doing business. They find time to enjoy nature, reading, genealogy and photography, as well.